Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chocolate Chat Atlanta is THIS weekend!

Hi Curlygirls!

Sorry for the long delay, but again life has been full of events, but just in time for summer celebrations I WON a give-a-way sponsored by Swarthy Daisy and Sooo Hot Productions. Check it out, buy a ticket and come out tomorrow for a little food, fun and plenty of conversation.

Check out Swarthy Daisy at

I will post some pics tomorrow or Monday:)

I should have some tutorials or atleast pics of styles this week:)

Chat with you later,


Sunday, April 24, 2011

The World Natural Hair Show April 30th-May 1st

Hi Curly Girls! Taliah Waajid's World Natural Hair Show is this weekend April 30th-May 1st, will you be attending?
There are several events planned this weekend for attendees, with the most popular one taking place Friday April 29th, Curly Girls Rock!

We hope you got a ticket as the event is now sold out! We both attended last year. We met so many Curly Girls, stylists and business owners! It is a great networking and social event!

I will be posting additional meetups throughout the week so stay tuned.

For more information on The World Natural Hair Show check out the website

Late Post:( Darcy's Botanicals at Sage Naturalcueticals

Hi Curly Girls! Yes it's been a minute and we apologize! Work, school and life have kept us both busy. As the school year winds down I will be gearing up for more posts, tutorials and product reviews, promise:) Anywho.... after a long weekend of travel I'd almost decided not to attend this event, but I am so glad I did! Not only did I get to meet and chat with the owner of Darcy's Botanicals, I got to chat with Telise the official stylist and trainer for using the product line.

I also ended up what? Winning some products:) Yes I am still on a roll! I won the Avocado and Plum twisting creme and the Madagascar Vanilla styling creme. All attendees received a sample of the Styling Creme which I love as well. I have twisted my hair twice with the products and have gotten great results both times. The salon I worked in began using/selling the products after I'd gone back to school in August, so I didn't receive "official training" from the company. However, one of the stylists gave me a brief introduction to them and of course I played around with them:) The Peach Kernel hydrating milk was my favorite at the time. The Juicy Peach Kernel Nectar and the Revitalizing Spray will be my next two purchases coming up soon:)

The owner answered tons of questions and talked about the differences in the products chiefly with some being water-based and creme-based and the differences resulting in those. Telise followed up with styling three different looks: a twist out, bantu-knots, released into an elegant style and a wash and wear style. She even helped my "other mother" find some products to work on her natural roots and transitioning ends! It was a great experience. We are so happy that the owner of Sage put together the weekend of events for Sage's anniversary:) Be sure to check out Darcy's Botanicals at

Friday, April 1, 2011

EcoStyler Gel 32 oz. for $2.99 at Sally's

During the last sale, I tried the Argan oil ecostyler gel and loved it. It's the only Ecostyler I can use without flaking or making my hair stiff. The gel is on sale once again, so I wanted to pass the information along. Happy styling!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shea Moisture products are BOGO at Walgreens!

Shea Moisture products are now carried at Walgreen's and they are currently having a buy one get one free sale until 4/2. If your neighborhood Walgreen's doesn't have them in stock, get an ad, and take it to Target for a price match! I have the coconut and hibiscus smoothie in my hair today and my hair feels marvelous! Try it, you can't beat the price especially for natural ingredients!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Laws "Lady Hip Hop" Official Music Video

Hi Curly Girls check out this video by Laws and let us know what you think! An Ode to ladies that love real hip-hop music!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Curly Nikki comes to Atlanta

Hi Curly Girls! Sorry this post is late reaching you, but life has been happening:(  Curly Nikki was in Atlanta for the Bronner Brothers Show and she hosted at Meet-Up at Livingston's Restaurant near the Fox Theater here in the city.  It was great meeting her, seeing baby Gia and meeting/seeing so many natural curlies in the city!  Here are a few pics from the event. Michelle Breyer, owner of, as well as NikkiMae of were also in attendance at the event:)  Stefanie will add more pics from the event:)

Hey you all! I had a photo op with Nikki, Mae, and one of the first Youtube vloggers that I watched when I went natural, Heather! She and I were so excited to see each other, almost knocking people down trying to hug lol! It was great to actually meet in person.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I WON AGAIN! Me, My Hair and the City and Lamik Beauty's Giveaway!

Yes curlies I seem to be on a roll here lately! Let's hope this carries over with the GA Lottery!  Can you say cha-ching:)  Anyway, Adrienne a wonderful natural blogger here in Atlanta held a giveaway with Lamik Beauty.  I just love the ecofriendly products Lamik sells and the even more ecochic packaging! The owner Kim Roxie is uber creative and Shalawn who runs the Atlanta store is just super talented.  They know how to beat a face:)  I was overjoyed to find out that I'd won.  My goodies came with a wonderful card from Adrienne, three colorful eyeshadows (just in time for spring), an eyeliner, a mascara and a few makeup brushes.  Shalawn has even graciously agreed to host a small meet up with a few ladies to help us practice our makeup application techniques:)  Woot woot!

See my new products and my the cute card from Adrienne:)  Check Adrienne out here ( click here) and visit Lamik Beauty click here.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Are twist-outs, roller sets, and the like indicative of hair insecurity or chasing a non-existent curl pattern?

This was a discussion I saw online and was very interested in the answers.  Many people felt that those styles were simply styling options, while others felt those styles represented discomfort with natural hair texture.  There were also claims that stretched styles are lifesavers because shrunken hair results in tangles and is a nightmare to detangle. Being a member of hair blogs, I have definitely read my share of "Curl definition" threads where people are trying to figure out how to define their curls (existent or non-existent) and on many occasions people would come in and state that those people needed to embrace their hair as is and stop trying to make it something that is wasn't (curly).  Do you think that people who constantly wear their hair in twist outs, rod sets, extensions, etc... are not embracing their natural texture/pattern or they just want variety?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sofn'free GroHealthy Line Product Review

This post is for all the Real Curly Girls on a budget!!! While listening to Napturalite Radio ( one Sunday evening I entered a giveaway. Much to my surprise I WON!!!! I had no idea what products I would get and honestly, I wasn’t familiar with Sof’N’Free’s GRO Healthy product line. I broke open the Strenghtening Crème, Triple Layer Growth Oil and Daily Growth Lotion to moisturize and prep my hair for a dry twist out.  I was very surprised at the ease in detangling, as well as the extra curl factor I experienced upon applying the product. 
To ensure that this was not a fluke, I used the products on a client’s hair the following week. After shampooing the client’s hair with Shea Moisture’s Moisture Retention shampoo, I added Sof n Free’s Really Deep Conditioning Treatment.  The client began to ask what I was applying as soon it reached her scalp. The tingling feeling let me know the conditioner had penetrated the hair shaft and was now working its way to her scalp.  I loved the softness the deep conditioner provided before she even got under the dryer for deep conditioning.  We weren’t surprised, but were satisfied with the great results!    After rinsing with cool water (to close to cuticle) I added Sof n Free’s leave in conditioner and blew the hair on a cool setting to prepare for a dry twist out. 
From this point, I added the Triple Layer Growth Oil and the Daily Growth Lotion and began twisting the hair. The results were wonderful.  Pictures to come soon- the hair model had an emergency and had to travel out of town with camera in tow! 
From the website- All of our new Milk Protein & Olive Oil Products contain:
·         Milk Protein to soothe the scalp, and strengthen and add shine to your hair
·         Olive Oil to promote a healthy scalp, repair damage and add even MORE shine
·         Omega 3 (with the exception of our relaxer kits) to strengthen & protect your hair.
Nowhere else can you find such a powerful, yet healthy and natural triple treatment combination for your hair.
The Good- the products smell really good! Lol (seriously) for the price, RCGs on a budget will garner great results from the products.  The moisture provided by the products as well as the results are some of the best I have experienced!  Make sure you go easy on the Triple Layer Growth Oil as it can be a little greasy if you apply too much.
The Bad- the line does not offer a shampoo, but for the price I’ll stick with Shea Moisture or a similar product.  If natural products are your thing, there are some ingredients in the products that are not “all natural!”  However, all in all I think the products do what they claimJ
Try them out and let us know what you think!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And I wondered if anyone could do anything more ignorant...

So, I posted this flyer that I saw online on NP to discuss the foolishness that still abounds in 2011

So evidently the creators of Mixed Chicks decided to join in on the fuqqery and posted #team lightskinned
on twitter as a "response" to this party.  Really?  Did they think that was very business savvy or smart?  I do not condone any hierarchies that are divisive amongst the black community.  Whether it's hair texture, skin tone, SES, there are a plethora of things out there to divide us but one would hope that business owners who benefit from black consumers wouldn't cosign and subscribe to such foolishness.  Evidently this is not the case and the Mixed Chicks owners hopped on this ignorant bandwagon.  I have purchased their deep conditioner before and liked it but they will not get anymore of my hard earned money.  For further information on the shenanigans, visit

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mizani True Textures Curl Replenish Product Review

I received this product from and was excited to try a new deep conditioner.  This conditioner claims to soften and moisturize your tresses.  The directions state to leave in for up to 5 minutes or for a deeper treatment, use plastic cap and sit under heated dryer for up to 10 minutes.  I chose the deep treatment route and used my heated bonnet for about 10 minutes.  As I was applying the conditioner to my hair, I was skeptical of the results because the product was not making my hair feel good upon application.  After my timer went off, I proceeded to rinse the conditioner out with cold water.  My hair was HARD!!!!!!  I really do not like how my hair felt, it did not feel softened nor moisturized.  Overall, I would give this product a thumbs down.  Many of the ingredients are not natural, the front of the container boasts the use of jojoba oil, apricot, etc... but of course those ingredients are far down the list.  The dominating ingredients are cones and alcohols.  I think this may have a lot to do with my hair feeling hard because I typically don't use non-natural products.  I definitely would not purchase this, nor do I plan to use it again.

Video link

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Game Season Premiere Viewing Party

Necole and I were able to attend the viewing party of "The Game".  We both love this show and it was great to see the premiere before it actually airs on 1/11/11. The episode was excellent and so much happened.  The organization of the premiere left much to be desired but I can't say that I'm surprised.  (Insert side eye here)  Anyway, here are a couple of pics.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Product Review: Komaza Haircare's Olive Moisture Mask

Hi Curlies, this week’s product review comes just in time with the harsh weather we’ve been experiencing here in GA and with the possibility of snow on the horizon again this weekend:)  My hair has been overly dry:( and I've been looking for a deep conditioner to moisturize the mane!

On to the review! My first product review features Komaza Haircare’s Olive Moisture Mask (deep conditioner).  On an unexpected visit to Sage Naturalceuticals, here in Atlanta a friend recommended the product and I could not wait to get home and try it out. 

The Claim:  This thick creamy olive butter deep conditioner is designed to detangle, moisturize, and soften hair to put an end to breakage. Komaza Care’s Olive Moisture Mask does not contain proteins making it friendly to deep condition weekly if you choose (
The Verdict: The minty green color kind of the threw me off, but the creamy consistency of the product melted into my thirsty curls.  After sitting under a hooded dryer for 30 minutes, then detangling, my hair felt like COTTON!  Once I rinsed with cool water to close the cuticle, I was in love with the results!  I am off to purchase the second jar this weekend, so yes it's a keeper as a staple product!
Don't take my word for it, try a sample or the 16oz jar which can be purchased here for $16.00, plus shipping. I promise you, it WILL NOT disappoint!
Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hello Curlies!!!

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to The Real CurlyGirls of Atlanta! We are excited to begin the new year with you as we begin RCGOA! Here you will find posts on topics ranging from natural hair, makeup, fashion looks of the day, and much more. Make sure you subscribe to stay updated on new posts.