Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Are twist-outs, roller sets, and the like indicative of hair insecurity or chasing a non-existent curl pattern?

This was a discussion I saw online and was very interested in the answers.  Many people felt that those styles were simply styling options, while others felt those styles represented discomfort with natural hair texture.  There were also claims that stretched styles are lifesavers because shrunken hair results in tangles and is a nightmare to detangle. Being a member of hair blogs, I have definitely read my share of "Curl definition" threads where people are trying to figure out how to define their curls (existent or non-existent) and on many occasions people would come in and state that those people needed to embrace their hair as is and stop trying to make it something that is wasn't (curly).  Do you think that people who constantly wear their hair in twist outs, rod sets, extensions, etc... are not embracing their natural texture/pattern or they just want variety?


  1. This is such an interesting topic. I am definitely the girl who is willing to try anything to get a more consistent and defined curl pattern, but it has nothing to do with me not embracing my natural curl pattern. Also, my hair type does not shrink up, nor is my hair hard to detangle. My natural curls are not hard to deal with at all. All my natural hair requires is some leave in conditioner, a little gel, and a diffuser. What I don't like about my natural hair is how inconsistent it is. My hair is like 3 different textures...super curly on the right side, super extra curly in the back, and wavy on the left side. Being the hair perfectionist that I am, that just bugs me! I am always looking for methods to create a consistent curl pattern throughout my hair and it doesn't hurt that these styling techniques cut my styling time in the morning down significantly. As you mentioned above it's a preferred hair style, and that's all. Would these women say the same thing about someone who wears manicured "locks" as opposed to "dread locks" (as in the kind that just form on their own)?

    On a another note, I find it very disappointing when black women get on their soap box and look down on other black women in this way. We can be so cruel to one another. Why can't we just lift each other up? so you wear your hair "completely natural" and I wear a twist out. Shouldn't we both just be applauding each other for stepping away from chemical processing and straightening? THAT is what I would consider rejecting your natural hair texture because you are by definition changing the texture of your hair. (Not that I personally have a problem with this either, because I do still flat iron my hair occasionally, but for the purpose of this debate...) Seriously, we've got to be more supportive of one another.

  2. Ife' I totally agree that we must stop demeaning one another! Hair is just one area, but I could go on and on! Where did it even rear its ugly head! Ugh! We can't even begin to educate men/children or others until we can educate those who don't lift others up! Luckily I've received postive feedback most of the time:) I aslo have about three different textures going on, where one section of my hair has no defined curl at all:( That is why I rock twists, twisouts, etc. I would look rather silly with curls in one section, something else going on in another section, etc. Twistouts are a preferred hair style for me as well until I get more length to do a bun, puff, etc!