Sunday, February 27, 2011

Curly Nikki comes to Atlanta

Hi Curly Girls! Sorry this post is late reaching you, but life has been happening:(  Curly Nikki was in Atlanta for the Bronner Brothers Show and she hosted at Meet-Up at Livingston's Restaurant near the Fox Theater here in the city.  It was great meeting her, seeing baby Gia and meeting/seeing so many natural curlies in the city!  Here are a few pics from the event. Michelle Breyer, owner of, as well as NikkiMae of were also in attendance at the event:)  Stefanie will add more pics from the event:)

Hey you all! I had a photo op with Nikki, Mae, and one of the first Youtube vloggers that I watched when I went natural, Heather! She and I were so excited to see each other, almost knocking people down trying to hug lol! It was great to actually meet in person.


  1. Who is the girl in the black and white dress, doesn't she have a blog or Fotki, I can't place her name!

  2. Yes, Mae. Her blog is Natural Chica.