Sunday, April 24, 2011

Late Post:( Darcy's Botanicals at Sage Naturalcueticals

Hi Curly Girls! Yes it's been a minute and we apologize! Work, school and life have kept us both busy. As the school year winds down I will be gearing up for more posts, tutorials and product reviews, promise:) Anywho.... after a long weekend of travel I'd almost decided not to attend this event, but I am so glad I did! Not only did I get to meet and chat with the owner of Darcy's Botanicals, I got to chat with Telise the official stylist and trainer for using the product line.

I also ended up what? Winning some products:) Yes I am still on a roll! I won the Avocado and Plum twisting creme and the Madagascar Vanilla styling creme. All attendees received a sample of the Styling Creme which I love as well. I have twisted my hair twice with the products and have gotten great results both times. The salon I worked in began using/selling the products after I'd gone back to school in August, so I didn't receive "official training" from the company. However, one of the stylists gave me a brief introduction to them and of course I played around with them:) The Peach Kernel hydrating milk was my favorite at the time. The Juicy Peach Kernel Nectar and the Revitalizing Spray will be my next two purchases coming up soon:)

The owner answered tons of questions and talked about the differences in the products chiefly with some being water-based and creme-based and the differences resulting in those. Telise followed up with styling three different looks: a twist out, bantu-knots, released into an elegant style and a wash and wear style. She even helped my "other mother" find some products to work on her natural roots and transitioning ends! It was a great experience. We are so happy that the owner of Sage put together the weekend of events for Sage's anniversary:) Be sure to check out Darcy's Botanicals at

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