Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hello Curlies!!!

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to The Real CurlyGirls of Atlanta! We are excited to begin the new year with you as we begin RCGOA! Here you will find posts on topics ranging from natural hair, makeup, fashion looks of the day, and much more. Make sure you subscribe to stay updated on new posts.


  1. Hi Curly Girlies!

    There's a cool curlie event happening in Atlanta on 3/27/11. It's a new curly company called Curls Of The World. I know the owner and her products work well for me. Here's a link to the Curls Of The World site and the a link to the event.



  2. Thanks Rhian. I am not sure how we missed this comment! I will be out of town for a funeral early in the day, but Brwnbarbie24 may be able to check it out. Please keep us updated on things going on in the city:)

  3. I did check it out, hi Rhian! I just saw this comment as well lol!