Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And I wondered if anyone could do anything more ignorant...

So, I posted this flyer that I saw online on NP to discuss the foolishness that still abounds in 2011

So evidently the creators of Mixed Chicks decided to join in on the fuqqery and posted #team lightskinned
on twitter as a "response" to this party.  Really?  Did they think that was very business savvy or smart?  I do not condone any hierarchies that are divisive amongst the black community.  Whether it's hair texture, skin tone, SES, there are a plethora of things out there to divide us but one would hope that business owners who benefit from black consumers wouldn't cosign and subscribe to such foolishness.  Evidently this is not the case and the Mixed Chicks owners hopped on this ignorant bandwagon.  I have purchased their deep conditioner before and liked it but they will not get anymore of my hard earned money.  For further information on the shenanigans, visit http://sakitaholley.com/2011/01/17/the-pr-fallout-from-mixedchicks-choosing-a-side

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